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Holistic Dentist London

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Holistic Dentists

Holistic dentists take a more comprehensive approach to dental care, considering the patient’s overall health, lifestyle and well-being. They often use biocompatible and non-toxic materials in their treatments, such as BPA-free composites and ceramic fillings. These products are less likely to trigger allergies, and they also promote remineralization of the teeth, which is an important part of overall oral health. Likewise, holistic dentists may incorporate alternative therapies and techniques into their practice, such as ozone therapy or laser dentistry to treat gum disease or tooth decay.

Many holistic dentists are drawn to this type of dentistry because of personal experiences or their desire to provide patients with the most complete and natural long-term dental treatment possible. For Carlo Litano, DMD, a holistic dentist in Pinellas Park, Florida, his interest in a more natural form of dental care began during her residency when he performed a surgical procedure that was so invasive, it left him feeling like a “bad dentist.” From there, he started researching holistic treatments and became involved with professional organizations, including the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.

Unlike traditional dentists, who focus on treating dental problems as they arise, holistic dentists are more concerned with preventative strategies and addressing the underlying cause of a problem rather than simply fixing the surface symptoms. This could include offering supplements to improve a patient’s nutrition, recommending techniques for stress management or teaching them how to cook healthier meals at home.

A holistic dentist also uses a wide variety of materials in their treatments, including mercury-free fillings and dental implants made from ceramic and other non-metal materials. They may also use low-radiation x-rays, which emit 90% less radiation than conventional X-ray machines. Additionally, they may offer remineralization treatments to help strengthen the enamel of the teeth, as well as other alternatives to traditional braces and bridges.

Most importantly, holistic dentists focus on making sure the patient is compatible with a specific treatment, before they begin work. This is done using blood tests, saliva testing and applied kinesiology to determine whether or not a particular material will react negatively with the patient’s body.

In addition to examining the patient’s physical condition, a holistic dentist will usually also conduct an emotional and energetic evaluation of the mouth. This allows them to pinpoint the root cause of a dental issue and recommend more effective, less invasive solutions.

Because holistic treatments are considered experimental by most insurance companies, they are typically not covered under traditional dental insurance plans. However, some holistic dental practices are reimbursable under medical insurance through a process called “concurrent code” billing. For example, ozone therapy can be reimbursed under medical insurance when administered as an add-on to dental treatment, such as a deep cleaning or crown placement. This can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost for a dental patient. For more information, contact your local insurance provider or a holistic dental office to find out what options are available for you.

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